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Things take a dark turn as Ruby loses her temper and elbows Chas in the chest in Emmerdale

Will Ruby be able to make Caleb believe it was an accident?


Ruby’s furious to find out her carefully laid plans for a life away from the village with Caleb have been undone by a single conversation with Chas.

When Caleb receives a warm welcome in the Woolie, it quickly sours when Ruby follows him in, spoiling for a fight.

During a slanging match in the pub between Ruby and the Dingles, things take a dark turn when Ruby accidentally elbows Chas in the chest.

In the fallout from injuring Chas, Ruby is left broken and alone after Caleb sides with the Dingles and publicly rejects her.

Inconsolable, Ruby sits outside the pub on her own and Dawn is worried for her when Caleb emerges from the Woolie, incandescent with rage.

Will Ruby be able to make Caleb believe that she elbowed Chas by accident?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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