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Tim collapses in Corrie after Sally catches him with Aggie

And as Tim plans his own funeral, is she finally about to discover the truth?

With Sally upset, convinced that Tim is hiding something from her, Peter urges Tim to come clean.

Instead, he pays George a visit to sort out his own funeral and when Eileen discovers what's going on, Tim swears her to secrecy.

And Sally is further bemused when she sees Tim with Adam. Turning to Kevin, he advises her to speak to Tim, rather than letting her imagination run away with her.

Confronting Tim, Sally asks him if he’s having an affair, which he denies. But when he refuses to hug her, she finds his denial hard to believe and later puts a tracker on his phone.

Calling at No.13, Sally confides in Abi about tracking Tim and tells her that he's currently at a hotel and she intends to confront him and his fancy piece.

At the hotel, Sally spots Tim in the hotel bar with a bottle of fizz and two glasses and confronts him.

Having noticed that Tim and Aggie have been spending quite a bit of time together recently, Shona confides in Abi who's taken aback.

As Tim goes back to Aggie’s for a brew after his hospital appointment, Sally spots his location on the tracker and starts to wonder if Shona's theory about the two of them, is correct. Looking through the window, Sally sees Aggie putting a comforting arm around Tim and screams!

Aggie ushers her inside and as Tim plucks up the courage to tell Sally the truth, he’s suddenly wracked with pain and collapses, clutching his chest.

Stunned, Sally is hurt when she discovers that Tim is awaiting a triple heart bypass operation and it's a double whammy for Faye as she also arrives at the hospital, angry that she didn't know.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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