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Tim confronts Stephen after Elaine discovers that he's been lying to her in Corrie

Is Stephen about to claim another victim? Or is the game finally over?

When Audrey tries to talk to her about her supposed depression, Elaine is mortified and instead confides in Audrey over her doubts about Stephen. But Audrey assures her that Stephen loves her very much.

Meanwhile, after hearing how a potential buyer for the factory is having a terrible time as his wife’s life insurance won’t pay out after she took her own life, Stephen’s quietly horrified to realise his own plans are unravelling. Screwing up the fake suicide note, Stephen hides it.

Back at home, Stephen reels when Elaine tells Stephen it’s clear he doesn’t love her and that they should cancel the wedding. But when he hears Mary chatting about Isabella needing some hiking boots so she doesn’t fall to her death in the Peak District, Stephen’s given food for thought.

Begging Elaine to give him another chance, Stephen suggests a romantic break in the Peak District and whilst Elaine heads off to pack, Stephen checks over her life insurance.

As Stephen and Elaine get ready to leave for the Peak District, a family photo reveals to Elaine that the woman she saw Stephen on a Zoom with was his ex-wife, Gabrielle. Covering her alarm, Elaine heads out and tells Tim that Stephen’s been lying to her.

Starting to piece together all of Stephen’s suspicious activity, Elaine shows Tim a metal box in which Stephen files things away. Prising it open, Tim and Elaine are shocked to discover the forged life insurance documents.

With Elaine out of the way, Tim waits at the flat to confront Stephen. But when an angry Tim tells him the game’s up and they’re going to report him to the police, a struggle ensues.

Following the events of the night before, Audrey jumps to the conclusion that it was Elaine’s intention to bump Stephen off so that she could claim the insurance, not the other way around! Calling at No.4, Craig has news from the hospital.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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