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Time's up for Gray in EastEnders as Whitney tells the police everything

Is Tina's body about to be discovered?

Following the gas explosion, Gray panics when he sees the Argee Bhajee cordoned off and when Eve sees him, he explains it’s a big day at the hospital as he can finally hold Jordan.

Later, returning to the Argee Bhajee and posing as an insurance broker, Gray says he needs to 'assess' the damage. But when the builder explains that it all has to be stripped, Gray panics. Is Tina's body about to be discovered?

Meanwhile, in the café, Whitney overhears Chelsea’s frustrations that Gray hasn’t answered her calls and things get heated when Denise probes Chelsea about taking her medication, causing Chelsea to rip up her prescription.

In the hospital, with Gray a no show, Chelsea is elated as she holds Jordan for the first time, but when she shows the photos to Gray later, he accuses her of showing off. Cruelly berating her, Gray lies and tells her that he had to work.

Later, Whitney spots Chelsea and is shocked and her state and makes the decision to go to the police station to tell them that Gray killed Chantelle.

As Whitney tells DCI Arthurs everything, he tells her that they want to help Chelsea if she is in danger, leaving Whitney optimistic.

Fearing his crimes are set to be exposed, Gray hastily packs a bag and grabs the family’s passports and the pressure builds as he's approached by DCI Arthurs.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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