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Timmy pushes Juliet down the stairs after she accuses him of being Peri's stalker in Hollyoaks

How far is he prepared to go to keep it a secret?

After mistakenly believing that Peri is having an affair, Juliet demands answers but they soon decide that they need to trust one another and Juliet finally realises that Peri might have a stalker.

At the hospital, Timmy uses his hand as an excuse to see Peri and as Juliet watches from afar, she hits the nail on the head and accuses Timmy of being the stalker. But will her accusation be enough?

Later, Timmy tries to cover his tracks but ends up pushing Juliet down a flight of stairs. It's panic stations for Timmy as he visits her in hospital and realises that if she wakes up she could reveal what he’s done. He contemplates taking drastic measures to get rid of the problem.

Following a shock accusation, Peri doesn’t know whether to go to the police or not and Timmy frames someone else for a crime she didn’t commit. Later, Peri makes a shocking decision.

But after a kind gesture leads to the person Timmy framed for his crime, being released, this only infuriates Peri more.

And a friendship between two residents begin to form, and they agree to work together to find out who Peri’s stalker is.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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