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Toadie fears his marriage is over in Neighbours as Terese plans to leave Erinsborough

Will his letter convince her to stay?


As he intuits that Terese needs to feel surrounded by unconditional love, Paul suggests she visits her kids in Adelaide. Whilst Terese is won over by the idea, Nell clocks Toadie’s defeatist attitude and convinces him to fight.

Writing Terese a letter, Toadie begs her to meet him at the camping spot where they first kissed. Will Terese join him, or catch her flight to Adelaide?

While waiting at the campsite for Terese, Toadie struggles to come to terms with the possible end of his marriage and what that means for the future of the Rebecchi family.

Meanwhile, keen on making a good impression with Felix at his ‘Welcome to Ramsay Street’ party, Holly is adamant that Melanie comes along with her.

But Melanie is unsure as she hasn’t been invited by the Rodwells and is anxious about how the street will treat her following the revelation of her dalliance with Toadie.

When she runs into Wendy and delicately asks whether she can come, an overly polite Wendy welcomes Melanie’s presence, even though in truth she feels uncomfortable when her loyalty is to Terese.

When Melanie overhears Wendy voice her unease to Jane at the party, an awkward situation unfolds and despite Wendy’s apology, Melanie ultimately finds her strength, refusing to be ashamed of what happened between her and Toadie. She isn’t going to hide herself away like some scarlet woman any longer.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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