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Toadie misjudges Terese's gratitude and leans in for a kiss in Neighbours

Has he blown their chances of getting back together?


With Terese excited to learn that wealthy widow Shirley Burchmore and her friends have agreed to tour Eirini Rising, Toadie graciously cancels their plans for a relationship-rebuilding date, knowing how desperate Terese is to sell the remaining units.

Unable to get Karl, Terese tries to insist that Susan comes along in his place, knowing how Eirini’s health focus is a major selling point for Shirley.

As the site visit gets underway, a reluctant Susan pastes on a smile and does what she can to sell to Shirley, but Terese is left unimpressed by Susan’s straight-laced approach. Saving the day, Toadie offers Shirley and her posse free legal services through Rebecchi Law if they sign on the dotted line post haste.

Later, Toadie enters Terese’s bedroom to let her know they need to get going for Karl’s party. Thanking him for getting Shirley across the line, Terese gives Toadie a grateful hug, but he misreads the moment and moves in for a kiss. Startled, Terese steps away.

With Toadie full of remorse following his kiss faux pas, an overwhelmed Terese thinks they should discuss it after Karl’s surprise party. And putting her own needs on hold, Susan encourages Terese to be patient in allowing Toadie to win back her trust.

Later, Terese confesses to Toadie that she’s not ready for physical affection and is grateful when he agrees to move slower and follow her lead.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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