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Toadie takes matters into his own hands as Eden holds Melanie hostage in Neighbours

After spending the night together, is Melanie who Toadie really wants?


As Terese goes on the care offensive with Paul, his fierce silence worries Terese as he battles his private guilt.

When Terese messages that she plans to stay with Paul longer, Toadie extends his

own care to Melanie. Knowing that Eden’s involvement in David’s death has added an extra layer of complexity for her, Toadie offers that he’s just across the road if Melanie needs to talk.

After Leo openly reflects on the loss of his twin to Krista, fuelled by anger, Krista visits Eden under police guard. Realising he is ignorant of David’s death, she reveals the news, adding that Eden will never be part of her baby’s life; he’ll be too busy rotting in jail.

Later, Andrew interviews Eden who plays the role ofreformed offender. Eden states that he is glad he risked his bail conditions to see Krista as it turns out she’s the mother of his child-to-be.

When Andrew questions how Eden knew of Krista’s pregnancy and whereabouts, Eden claims that he followed her from the hotel and overheard Leo and Krista discussing the pregnancy on their bush walk.

Later, when Andrew shares Eden’s claim with Krista and Leo, they quickly assert that Eden was lying as they only talked about her pregnancy at the holiday house.

As Andrew investigates the mismatched stories, Paul visits Eden and vows that Eden will never be safe again, in or out of jail.

When Melanie is alone at the Kennedy house, Eden appears and demands her help. But when she refuses, Eden lunges at Melanie with a scalpel insisting she help him… or else!

Holding Melanie hostage, Eden fruitlessly tries to ransack the Kennedy house for money, but when Holly unexpectedly arrives home, Melanie shrieks a warning allowing her to get away and alert Andrew.

Furious, Eden swipes at Melanie’s arm with the scalpel. Noticing Eden is struggling with increasing levels of pain, Melanie offers Eden her pain medication. Rejecting the pills, Eden tapes Melanie’s arms and legs to a chair.

Behind the cordon line on Ramsay Street, Karl suggests police attempt entry through the unlocked spare bedroom window. And whilst Toadie and Aaron are on board with the idea, Andrew has orders to wait for the critical response team.

Allowing the group to return to their houses, Andrew is unaware that Toadie and Aaron plan to take matters into their own hands. Cottoning on, Terese implores Leo to talk them out of their heroics.

When Leo reminds Aaron that his daughter has already lost one dad, Toadie offers to go alone, despite Terese’s pleas.

Meanwhile, with the siege underway, at the penthouse, Paul relives his interaction with Eden a few nights ago. In denial about his role in setting off the deadly chain of events, Paul directs his vitriol at Krista, reminding her that she dragged Eden into their lives and David would be alive if not for that.

Full of self-loathing, Krista doesn’t contradict him and when Holly later checks in on her, Krista confesses that she’s having a tough time, but David’s teachings are helping to keep her strong.

In the wake of her altercation with Eden, Toadie continues to comfort Melanie, and as he learns more about the traumatic experiences she has been through since their break-up, his previous bitterness towards her dissolves.

After staying the night, in the cover of darkness, the two of them admit how much they've missed each other. This forces Toadie to draw a clear line in the sand and clearly tell Melanie that his future is now with Terese.

Meanwhile, Terese is struggling to accept Toadie’s continued support of Melanie and admits to Mackenzie that it’s making her angry. Falling back into old patterns, she keeps reading Toadie’s behaviour as deliberately hurtful, which makes her worried she’ll do something she regrets.

When Toadie admits to Terese that Melanie pushed the limits with him during the previous night, she's given just the right reason to act out and confronts Melanie, making it clear that her compassion has now expired. She'll no longer tolerate Melanie trying to steal Toadie out from under her. Leaving Melanie confronted.

Despite having just defended her friendship with Toadie to Karl, Melanie is now forced to ask herself if she's been lying about her intentions.

When Toadie voices to Terese that he feels she is too involved in Paul’s grief and should step back as she's not part of tha family anymore, she counters that he just spent the night with his ex-wife!

Finding perspective Toadie and Terese agree that both Melanie and Paul have other people who can support them and resolve to choose each other.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee

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