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Toby finds out about Cleo's kiss with Joel in Hollyoaks

But who told her? And how will he react?

A guilt-ridden Cleo agrees to take Walter to his dialysis appointment but worries that she won’t be able to act normal around him since she knows the identity of his attacker.

With nothing but a guilty conscience, Cleo talks to Joel about coming clean about Walter’s attacker and he manages to convince her that silence is the best option. Since he’s the only one that knows the truth, Joel offers to be Cleo's shoulder to lean on.

Making his feelings for Cleo obvious, Joel tries to make her question the stability of her relationship with Toby. To prove a point, Cleo says that she’ll tell Toby about her kiss with Joel, but she changes her mind at the last minute.

Overhearing, Joel assumes that Cleo has exposed their kiss and apologises to Toby who is furious to find out that this kiss is another secret that Cleo’s keeping!

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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