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Toby goes missing in Hollyoaks after DeMarcus causes trouble

And will Felix stand by Martine as she prepares for her mastectomy?

After receiving a letter from the hospital detailing the appointment date for her mastectomy, Martine distracts herself by preparing for DeMarcus’ arrival.

For Toby, the realisation that he will have to share with his brother hits him hard and he confides in Cleo about the invasion of his privacy.

Adjusting to life in Hollyoaks, DeMarcus starts at Hollyoaks High and Martine plans a family lunch at The Dog, forcing Toby to postpone the psych evaluation for his kidney donation to Walter.

At lunch, DeMarcus struggles to read the room as he makes jokes at Toby’s expense. Feeling the pressure of his upcoming evaluation, Toby storms out and later, as Toby has his evaluation, DeMarcus returns to school and lands himself in detention.

Returning to school, Sienna is shocked to see a text from Summer asking to see her and as she watches over DeMarcus in detention, an accident occurs after he taunts Sienna.

With her teacher certification coming up, DeMarcus’ accident makes Sienna worry about her future. She has full intentions to come clean until she talks to him, and he sympathises with her. But what will she decide?

Meanwhile, not believing DeMarcus’ story, the Devereaux family want to get to the bottom of his injury and Celeste accuses Toby of lashing out. He denies it, but she confides in Felix about her suspicions.

After DeMarcus and Toby patch things up, he reveals to him the real reason behind his injuries and after being cornered by Celeste and Felix, Toby reveals the truth to them.

But when loose cannon Toby goes missing, panic sets in for the Deveraux’s as they wonder if he will show up.

And when Martine admits to Felix that she’s worried his feelings for her might change after her mastectomy, he assures her that it could never happen.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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