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Toby's rage puts Martine's life in danger in Hollyoaks as he locks her in the garage

But can Celeste step in to save her mother?

Toby storms out of his date with Cleo after finding out that he'll need counselling before donating a kidney to Walter, worries that his dark past will come out.

Still completely smitten over her, Toby asks to see Cleo again and Celeste reckons she could be the perfect calming influence for her brother. Warned to take things slow, Cleo is taken aback when Martine tells her that Toby is a virgin.

As Toby storms over to the garage in a fit of rage after finding out what Martine said, Felix tells Cleo to go home, warning Toby that he’s a danger not only to himself but others around him too and he's going to put a stop to it.

Having made up his mind, Felix decides to give Toby up to the police today, but when he turns up at the flat for his counselling session, Felix has a few things to say to his son first. Regretting how he treated Cleo, Toby promises to make it up to her, also promising to make it through the sessions and save Walter's life.

During the therapy session, Toby thinks the counsellor has brought a copy of The Red Door with her and explodes, when in reality, the book belongs to Felix.

When Walter doubles over in pain, he is rushed to hospital. Finding Martine upset, Toby lies to her about the counselling session, telling her it went fine so he'll be able to help with Walter’s kidney transplant.

But after Misbah tells her a very different story, Martine confronts Toby over his lies, forcing him to snap and lock her in the garage.

Arriving just as Toby pulls down the shutters, he tells Celeste that he's going to kill their mum! With Martine trapped in the garage, Celeste watches in disbelief as Toby splashes petrol outside.

Will Martine make it out of there alive?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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