Todd and Billy grow closer in Corrie forcing Paul to quit his job

Is this the beginning of the end for Billy and Paul?

In the cafe, Billy reveals to Todd his plans for the church, explaining how he hopes to improve disabled access and drag it into the 21st century. Todd suggests he should sell the church pews and replace them with folding chairs to provide a more flexible space.

Having passed the idea by the Church, Billy tells Todd that they're happy to sell the pews to create disabled access and Todd reveals he's found a buyer willing to pay £6k. Chuffed, Billy is unaware that Todd is ripping him off and charging the buyer £7.5k.

After spotting them looking cosy and chatting in the cafe, Paul tells Todd that there’s clearly still a spark between him and Billy and he’s going to quit his job as he can’t handle working with him.

When Ed hears that Paul’s looking for work, he reveals that he’s got the contract to convert the archdeacon’s house into a halfway house and he’s looking for labourers.

After Summer tells Paul she’d like to take him up on his offer of a day out in town, he reluctantly admits he’s strapped for cash. Having overheard their exchange, Ed tells Paul that the job is still on the table if he wants it.

When Paul goes to see Summer to tell her their day out is back on but the wind is taken out of his sails by Todd who has paid for Summer and Billy to visit Bletchley Park instead.

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