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Todd and Chesney are in for a shock when Paul’s cramps kick in at the worst time in Corrie

But has Paul's new PA caught Todd's eye?

At the builder’s yard flat on Christmas Day, Paul and Billy look forward to a peaceful Christmas Day with a film and a bottle of fizz. But Gemma and Chesney are worried when she can’t get hold of Paul.

Fearing Paul might have had a fall Chesney and Todd break down the door and get more than they bargained for!

Back at Chesney and Gemma’s Bernie video calls the family from prison and together they sing ‘Away in a Manger’.

After admitting to Billy and Gemma that he’s suffering from back pain, Paul is disappointed when a PA called Moses arrives and says he is standing in for Jim, Paul’s usual PA. But Moses proves a godsend as he massages Paul’s back and gets rid of the pain.

Later, Moses calls for Paul and suggests they go shopping as the fresh air will do him good. But when they return from their shopping trip, Todd clocks Moses as he struggles to get the key in the door and clearly smitten, dashes over to help.

Coronation Street continues Christmas Day to 29th December on ITV1


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