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Todd proposes to Billy in Corrie

But will he say yes? And can Paul discover the truth about Todd?

When Paul finds Summer brooding in Victoria Garden, Todd explains that she's avoiding her diabetes appointment.

Paul offers to go with her and Summer thanks him for attending the appointment with her and confides in Billy how much she misses having him around. Determined to prove that Summer can trust him, Todd returns home and proposes to Billy.

Later, in the Rovers, despite Paul warning Billy that if he marries Todd, he’ll live to regret it, an ecstatic Billy and Todd announce that they’re engaged! And Summer hands Todd a letter she found on the porch. After opening it, Todd reads "Don’t get too comfortable. Your lies will come out."

Assuming the note to be from Paul, Todd warns him off. When Billy finds a helpline flyer with an abusive message scrawled on it, Todd explains that Paul’s behind it and Billy sets off to have it out with Paul.

When Paul shows the flyer to Gemma, she reckons Todd’s hiding something and as Todd heads home, he finds a hooded figure about to break into their flat.

Meanwhile, meeting up with Ajay from the helpline, Paul quizzes him about Todd and as Will approaches Summer, he begs her to hear him out. Hurrying into Speed Daal, Summer explains to Billy and Todd how it was Will who broke into the flat.

However, Billy forgives Will and offers to help him find somewhere to live and realising Will means business, Todd tries but fails to secure a loan

Later, Paul is shocked to find Summer in the cafe with Will and confronts Billy, demanding to know why on earth he’d let Summer hang out with Will when he nearly got her killed.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV


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