Todd's plan backfires in Corrie as he tells Billy he loves him and threatens to leave for good

Is Todd about to leave Weatherfield?

Wanting to distance himself from Billy, Todd confides in Eileen and tells her how he's considering taking a job in Bromsgrove.

Billy is left in turmoil after asking Paul about his night out, only to be told he had a great time and that it's none of his business who he was with.

And after Eileen corners Billy to tells him that he's the reason Todd is threatening to move away, he approaches Todd and begs him not to leave on his account. Laying his cards on the table, Todd finally admits that he still loves him and if they can be together, he'll stay.

Summer’s heartbroken all over again to hear that Todd might be leaving and urges Billy to make up his mind and decide if he wants to be with Paul or Todd as he’s in danger of losing both of them.

On Todd’s advice, Paul tells Billy that he met a guy the other night and it’s time to move on. However, things don't go according to plan and Todd is gutted when Billy tells him that he still has feelings for Paul and it’s probably best if he takes the job and moves away.

As Eileen tries to talk Todd into staying, he admits that Billy’s the love of his life and if he can’t be with him, he has to go. And when Todd hands his notice in, Sarah is furious to have been left in the lurch.

Meanwhile, Paul admits to Daniel that he hasn’t really got a new boyfriend and it was all an act for Billy’s benefit. Daniel urges him to tell Billy how he really feels. As Todd heads into the tram station, Paul spots Billy and admits that there is no boyfriend, that he still loves him and that he wants to try again.

With Paul declaring his feelings for him, and knowing Todd is about to leave the street, what will Billy decide? Will he go with his heart?

When Todd calls at No.11, with news that Sarah has refused to give him his job back, Eileen is just pleased to have him home and tips Todd off about a job at the Undertakers.

As Todd calls by, George takes a call and Todd uses this opportunity to unleash his sales technique on an unsuspecting client, selling her the most expensive funeral plan. George concedes he’s got the job!

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