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Todd turns to Will in Corrie to make some quick cash

But as Paul is questioned by police, will Todd get away with it?

When Andy the binman calls at the undertakers, he hands Todd £7k in cash, explaining that a local Big Issue seller, Matty, had died and they had a whip-round for his funeral. With Andy gone, Todd places £2k in the till and stuffs the other £5k in a marble urn.

Telling George about Matty's funeral, Todd explains how he was so moved by his plight that he agreed to do a £7k funeral for £2k as it’s all they’d managed to raise. But Todd is later horrified to discover that the deceased’s brother, Mr Hendricks, has collected the marble urn.

When Mr Hendricks returns the urn to the undertakers, Todd checks the urn only to find the cash has gone and demands Mr Hendricks return the £5k. Laughing in his face, Mr Hendricks leaves.

Summoning Todd, Summer and Will to the bistro, Billy tells them he's celebrating as he’s had the go-ahead to spend £7k on a heat pump for the halfway house. Cornering Todd, Will suggests that if he’s struggling for cash, he should steal it from Billy.

Meeting up with Will, Todd tells him that he’ll need his help to steal the heat pump. What Todd fails to notice is that Will has stolen his engagement ring!

When Billy notices the missing ring, Todd panics and makes out he's having it resized. Demanding his ring back, Will tells Todd that he'll get his ring when he hands over the cash.

Meanwhile, Paul is shocked to discover that he’s not been paid, forcing Ed to admit that he's got a cash flow problem.

Having lured Ed out of the builder’s yard on the promise of a lucrative job, Todd borrows the undertaker’s van with the intention of using it to transport the stolen heat pump. But as Todd sets about stealing the heat pump, Ed returns to the yard and hears a noise, forcing Todd to quickly hide.

Locking up, Ed leaves and when he reports the heat pump as stolen, Craig wonders if he’s fallen out with anyone recently and Ed immediately suspects Paul.

Finding Paul, clearly drunk, in the Rovers, Craig questions him about the stolen heat pump and Billy and Todd watch as Craig manhandles an angry Paul into a police car.

Returning the van to George, Todd makes out that he borrowed the van to help out a mate in crisis and would never have taken it had he known there was a body in the back.

Meeting up with Will in the ginnel, Todd assures him he'll have his money in 24 hours

As the police question Paul about the stolen heat pump, Todd - having kept £1k from the heat pump money for himself - tells Billy and Summer he got a bonus from work and he’s going to spend it on a family holiday.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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