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Tom lies unconscious after electrocuting himself during a fit of rage in Emmerdale

But with Belle packed and ready to visit Debbie, will he be found?


After confessing to her Mental Health Care Coordinator, Rachel, that she told Tom she had a miscarriage instead of an abortion, Belle fears that Rachel is starting to realise the extent of Tom’s controlling behaviour.

With Belle desperate for her to leave, Rachel reassures Belle and the reality of Tom’s abuse finally hits home.

When Rachel encourages her to take a break from Tom, Belle is terrified but warily nods.

As she stares out of the window of a taxi, will a conflicted Belle finally leaving her toxic abuser behind?

Meanwhile, when Noah informs Tom that Belle was in town yesterday for an appointment instead of walking Piper, he is thrown to learn that Belle has been lying to him.

Realising Belle took a trip to the abortion clinic, Tom is unable to contain his swelling rage as he grabs an old rusty iron bar and starts hitting everything and anything.

Running out of strength, Tom flings back his arm for one final swing, but when the metal bar smashes against the barn’s rotary isolator behind him, he’s electrocuted and hurled violently against a beam.

Whilst Tom lies unconscious, or worse, Belle has her case packed and in the taxi ready to leave to see Debbie in Scotland.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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