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Tom's jealousy reaches new heights as he leaves Vinny for dead in Emmerdale

Will Vinny be OK? And will Belle discover what Tom has been up to?


Tom is upset to think he's missing out on a veterinary work trip, but Vanessa saves the day. As Tom prepares for the trip, Belle expresses her worry at being left alone, only we know she isn’t, as the puppy cam reveals her every move.

Once at the hotel, Tom prioritises watching his wife go about her business on the hidden camera and is incensed to see Vinny arrive. Infuriated, Tom grabs his keys and heads home.

With a face like thunder, a furious Tom arrives home, only to find that Belle isn't there. Frustrated, Tom struggles to locate her on his tracker app.

Meanwhile, an oblivious Vinny and Belle walk their dogs in the woods and when she complains about her temperamental phone, Vinny offers to fix it.

As Belle returns home, Tom, having tracked her phone heads to the scrapyard where unbeknownst to him Vinny has fixed it. Hearing Vinny coming into the portacabin, Tom panics and hits him over the head with a paperweight.

Wiping his fingerprints from the scene, Tom abandons a bleeding Vinny in the portacabin.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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