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Tommy's footballer dreams in doubt in EastEnders

Is Sam to blame?

After learning that a local football team want to meet with Tommy, Kat confides in Martin about her worries about it going ahead, in case the club finds out about the knife incident. He encourages her to take the meeting, but they're interrupted by Sam who tries to listen in.

Despite learning that Tommy is still suspended from school and might not be allowed to return, Kat takes Martin's advice and tells Tommy about the opportunity.

As they meet with Collin the football coach, a nosey Sam interrupts. Later, Kat confides in Martin about Tommy and opens a letter about Tommy's police case.

After Janine reveals to Sonia and Scarlett that if she gets custody, they will be moving to Australia, Sonia inadvertently upsets Tommy when she tells him this. Pretending to be unmoved, Tommy’s mind quickly returns to becoming a footballer.

At The Vic, when Sam overhears Martin telling Nancy and Zack about the knife incident, she sees the coach sitting close by and loudly joins in the conversation, making sure Collin can hear.

When the coach tells her they can’t have Tommy on the team, Kat is devastated and thinking it was Sam, confronts her. But after finding out the truth, Kat rages at Martin, Zack and Nancy for ruining Tommy’s chances.

Unaware that Kat hadn't told him, Martin puts his foot in it again when he apologises to Tommy for ruining his chances with the football team.

With Tommy nowhere to be found and Scarlett’s hearing about to start, Eve offers to go to court on Kat’s behalf and reads out a touching statement. And when Tommy eventually turns up, Kat has some more news for him about his police case.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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