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Tony and Darren pray for a Christmas miracle in Hollyoaks

But will luck be on their side? And Tony gets more than he bargained for when he helps Darren spend NYE without Nancy.

When Tony fears that they won’t raise enough money to help Darren, together they go and plead with Norma for extra time. But things don’t go to plan when harsh home truths are thrown around.

The next morning, Darren and Tony nurse a hangover and with some supposed spam messages, along with flashbacks of the night before, they realise they put themselves forward for Dee Valley’s Talent Competition.

Knowing there’s a £1000 award for the winner, Darren begs his friend to take part with him. And after hearing the news, Dave wants to join in and Tony offers to take his spot. And Darren confesses Nancy is coming home in a few weeks and he wanted to win to pay back the village.

With Darren not looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve alone, after all his staff have called in sick to work, Tony asks his friend if he can help.

Later, with Nancy not being with him for the most romantic day of the year, she sends her husband a sexy picture and pushes for one back, but things don’t go to plan when Tony walks in on Darren taking it!

Tony encourages Darren to edit his pictures so he doesn’t have to worry about being out of shape when he sends one to Nancy.

Hollyoaks continues Boxing Day to Friday 29th December on E4 with first look episodes on Channel 4 streaming


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