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Tony begs Beau for a second chance in Hollyoaks

But what is Beau hiding?

As Tony tells Diane he’s given the sculptor full reign, his new statue for the village arrives, but his mood dampens when Zara tells him he’s front page news as an article calls him ‘Sleazy, Smug and Self Serving’.

A key piece of information makes him and Diane question whether Beau had anything to do with it. And to make matters worse, he realises there’s been a mix-up with the statue, as it’s of him.

With Zara on damage control for Tony, she suggests they release a statement about his past, alongside a family photo. Reluctantly, Diane asks Beau to take part but is shocked when he declines the offer.

Suspicious, Tony accuses him of being the press informant and goes as far as demanding a paternity test.

When Tony spots Beau with the journalist, he sees this as proof he’s the informant, but his son admits he was asking the reporter to take the story down.

After finding out that Beau is a qualified teacher, Nancy is delighted and asks him to apply for the PE teacher role. But when he offers to help Tony with the statue, Beau has an outlandish idea that might just work, missing the school nativity in the process.

However, it's bad news for Tony when it's revealed the sculptor can now make the unveiling. As Tony gets ready to unveil the statue, he lies to Diane about why he missed the nativity but his plan is ruined when Zara reveals the sculptor will be attending.

At the unveiling, it seems everyone buys his lie, but Diane confronts him after finding out he spent yesterday with Beau instead of attending the nativity and asks him to figure out where his priorities lie.

As the test results come back, Tony begs Beau for another chance, admitting that there have been a lot of happenings recently that have rocked their family to its core.

At The Dog, when Beau takes a phone call, it's clear Beau is hiding something as he tells the mystery caller that something needs to be taken down.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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