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Tony escapes with a warning after threatening Warren in Hollyoaks

Will either of them be able to fix things with their loved ones?

As the day of Eric’s hearing arrives, Diane plans a get-together with Maxine and Scott to cheer Tony up, but, when he fails to show up, a drunken Diane makes a shocking confession to Maxine!

After convincing Romeo to wine and dine Rayne, Tony decides to take his own advice with Diane. But the romantic evening doesn’t quite go as planned.

Meanwhile, amid the fallout between Warren and Felix, Mercedes devises a plan to force the pair to make amends. But will it be successful?

When Sienna, Ethan and Warren butt heads over parenting, Warren decides to teach Sebastian a controversial new skill. Unknowingly to Sienna and Ethan, Warren teaches Sebastian boxing so he can stick up for himself.

But when Sienna discovers Sebastian has been learning to box, tension brews between her and Warren. Trying to fix things, Warren reminds his son to use his skills on those who deserve it. However, his words come back to bite him when there’s an accident at the park and Sebastian pushes Dee Dee off the adventure playground.

As Tony continues with his internal battle, Darren encourages him to talk to a professional. But when he later lashes out, Tony makes a bold decision to involve social services after threatening Warren who, luckily, leaves him with just a stern warning.

With Sienna all nerves ahead of social services' official assessment of the twins’ safety, determined to turn things around, a furious Warren pays Tony a visit.

Later, the family puts on a united front to ensure the assessment goes smoothly, but a shocking discovery threatens the peace.

Until the file is closed, Sienna bans Warren from seeing the twins and Joel questions whether a normal family can exist with such a battered history.

Later, a package for Norma reveals her surprising plans for her family’s future and Sienna makes a shattering discovery about who is to blame for ruining the social services visit.

And determined to tire Tony out, Diane plans a night on the town, but whilst getting ready, Tony falls asleep on the couch – will he finally get a good night’s sleep?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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