Tony's concerns grow for Diane in Hollyoaks

Describing her behaviour as 'excessive'.

Tony continues to worry about The Hutch’s finances and following advice from Jack, shares the problem with Diane following advice from Jack.

As Tony and Diane discuss their options for The Hutch, Diane's friendship with Becky continues to blossom and she also shares it with her friend.

Later, Diane extends an olive branch to Scott after he asks if they could mend fences but Tony struggles to get Diane to relax as she worries about leaving their kids with Scott again.

After having a fun night out with Tony, Diane wakes up worried about Eva’s safety and although she’s relieved to find that Scott is asleep beside her, a pizza box sends her into a panic about cleanliness.

Concerned, Tony initiates a conversation about her ‘excessive’ behaviour.

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