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Toyah causes trouble for Leanne in Corrie in order to help Spider

But could Toyah's actions land herself in more trouble?

When Spider reveals that he and his fellow activists are planning to occupy the disused Nuttall’s Brewery building as a base for an upcoming protest, Toyah is keen to get involved.

However, Spider is wary of her risking arrest while on bail and realising there's still a way she can help, Toyah hatches a plan to get hold of the key from the desk at the Bistro.

In the bistro, Debbie voices her suspicions about Toyah and wonders if she might have stolen the brewery key from the office.

After quickly leaping to her sister's defence, Leanne is horrified when Toyah reveals that she did steal the brewery key and gave it to Spider. Pointing out that she could land herself in serious trouble.

Meeting up with Saira in Victoria Garden, Toyah explains that she’d like some of Imran’s ashes to keep at home. But Saira reveals that she’s already buried them and she knows all about her relationship with her ex.

And Toyah is left reeling when Saira accuses her of murdering Imran.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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