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Toyah in danger after unexpected visit from spider’s ‘mystery woman’ in Corrie

But who is she? And what will she do with Toyah?

When Spider attends a meeting with his superintendent, he's informed about a new job which would mean moving away with a new identity. With Griff out for blood, it would protect him. But will he agree?

Meanwhile, finding his bank statements, Toyah realises that Spider is nowhere near as skint as he’s been making out.

Paranoid, Toyah goes through his laptop and discovers that he's been emailing his ex and searching for houses near her.

Under fire, Spider explains he’s been trying to accelerate his divorce and his savings went on something for her. Dropping to one knee, Spider produces a ring and asks Toyah to marry him. How will she respond?

Later, when Spider receives a message from his pursuer with instructions to meet, without letting on to Toyah, informs his superiors. With his colleagues watching covertly, Spider waits in Freshco’s car park to meet his unknown enemy but nobody turns up.

Meanwhile, at the flat, a woman arrives to see Toyah, introducing herself as Spider’s wife. While Toyah makes conversation, Leanne bumps into Spider and is shocked when he reveals his wife isn’t in the country.

Phoning Toyah, Spider warns her that the woman is an imposter. Panicked, Toyah tries to act normal but when Leanne and Spider burst into the flat they find signs of a disturbance, no Toyah or Sam, and blood on the floor.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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