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Toyah meets with Rowan's ex as she digs into Rowan's past in Corrie

Is Toyah about to get the confirmation she’s been fearing?


When Toyah finds a forum for ex-members of the Altovalent Institute, she tries to show Leanne a post she’s seen, suggesting that the Institute is not to be trusted, only to discover it’s been taken down for legal reasons.

Dismissive, Leanne calls Rowan who makes out that his bitter ex wrote it and there’s no truth in her words. And Leanne is later flattered when Rowan reveals that he’s been promoted to head of the North-West division and offers her a tour of the Institute.

Later, Leanne explains to Simon that she met a guy called Jared at the Institute who’d be happy to help him set up his food delivery app, whilst Toyah listens in.

When Simon reveals that Jared’s agreed to meet him and he’ll need to borrow some money, Leanne’s delighted, but Toyah reckons it’s another scam.

Studying Rowan’s page, Toyah copies a number into her phone and soon meets with Rowan’s ex, Una who explains how her sister has become embroiled in the Institute and she’s worried she might be in danger. Will she get the confirmation she’s been fearing?

As Leanne leaves for the retreat, Toyah begs her to reconsider, but she refuses. Simon’s hurt to find she’s gone without saying goodbye.

Having bunked off work, Simon proceeds to get drunk, before throwing up in Tim’s cab and doing a runner without paying.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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