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Tracy and Nate rekindle their romance in Emmerdale

But what does this mean for Naomi and Tracy's engagement?

Despite being through to see Nate and Naomi together in the village, Tracy assures Vanessa that she's going to tell Nate about her engagement to Ollie, but struggles to find the right moment.

Before they know it, a charged moment between Tracy and ex-Nate leads to a forbidden illicit encounter and they both feel awkward as they get redressed.

Hearing Vanessa approaching, Tracy hurries Nate out of the back door in nothing but his boxer shorts. And although Tracy does her best to feign an air of normality, Vanessa’s suspicious when she spots Nate's phone and jeans and soon her suspicions are confirmed when Nate arrives to reclaim the items.

When Tracy later confesses to still liking Nate, Vanessa despairs. Will Tracy still go ahead with her engagement now she and Nate have relit their spark? And how will Naomi feel should she find out?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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