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Tracy puts Toyah off Tommy Orpington before sharing a kiss with him in Corrie

With Steve away visiting Emma, how far will they go?

When Emma phones and invites him to spend the week in France, Steve is torn between spending time with Tommy Orpington and his daughter.

As Steve leaves for France in his taxi, he watches with envy as Tommy pulls up in his van outside No.1.

When Kevin, Tim and Kirk head over and fawn over Tommy, hoping to drag him into the pub, Tracy sends them packing and it’s clear there’s a spark between them.

Later on in the week, Tracy gives Tommy a ticking off over his timekeeping, but when he compliments her on her outfit, Tracy is secretly thrilled.

In the flower shop, when Toyah enthuses about Tommy Orpington and how sexy he looks in his overalls, Mary gets an idea and suggests to Tracy that she should do some matchmaking as it’s clear Toyah fancies Tommy.

However, Tracy has other plans as she warns Toyah off claiming that Tommy’s a terrible womaniser and not to be trusted.

Back at No.1, Tommy admits he fancies Tracy. Does Tracy feel the same?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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