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Tracy's protest at the police station leads to Amy changing her story in Corrie

Has her plan backfired and is Aaron now off the hook?

With Amy worried that Tracy has put flyers up about Aaron everywhere, Tracy assures her that no one will know it's her. When Mary finds a flyer on the florist printer, Abi realises the truth and confronts Aaron.

Calling at No.1, Peter tells Steve and Tracy about the flyer on the printer in the flower shop leaving Amy devastated that people know about her ordeal.

Calling at the police station, Tracy glues herself to the counter, explaining to the desk sergeant that she’s not going anywhere until they take Amy’s rape allegation seriously. And with her free hand, she calls Daniel.

Arriving at the police station, Steve and Amy arrive to find Tracy about to give an interview to Suki, the reporter from the Gazette and Amy begs her mum not to go ahead.

After Abi tells Aaron that she's heard that Amy has changed her story, Aadi verbally attacks him on the street for raping Amy. And he puts him straight, telling him that she has changed her story.

Summer and Aadi call to see Amy but it is clear Summer is not convinced by Amy’s U-turn and later, when Amy’s phone pings with a picture of Aadi and Aaron clearly enjoying themselves at a gig in town, Summer clocks Amy’s discomfort but doesn’t push it.

When Tracy suggests a film night and a curry on the sofa, Amy calls at Speed Daal for the takeaway but spotting Aaron at the counter turns on her heel and flees the restaurant.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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