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Tracy welcomes Wendy to the family in Corrie

But what is she really playing at?

For his birthday, Wendy gifts Ken tickets to a book launch at the bistro. Later, as Ken and Mary discuss her ideas for the play, he receives a text from Wendy and tells Mary he has to leave.

In the Rovers, Mary tells Brian and Tracy that Ken ditched her after receiving a text from Wendy and lied to her face. Clocking Brian’s shiftiness, Tracy’s furious to realise what’s going on.

At the book launch, Daniel and Daisy tell Ken they are pleased to see him and Wendy together. But when Tracy arrives, she makes her feelings very clear! How will Ken react?

The next day, Ken is gobsmacked when Tracy apologises for making a scene on his birthday and offers to cook lunch for Wendy to welcome her into the family.

As Wendy arrives at No.1, grateful for Tracy’s olive branch, Ken’s furious when Tracy dishes up her offering, Deirdre’s speciality, stuffed marrow!

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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