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Tragedy strikes as death and destruction hits Weatherfield in Corrie

But who will die?

Real and metaphoric storm clouds gather over the famous cobbles this week as the residents make plans for Halloween parties and holidays, oblivious to the tragedies waiting around the corner.

Viewers will be sent on a rollercoaster of emotions and high drama with a catastrophic rainstorm, a collapsed sinkhole, a fireball car crash, an escaped convict and revenge plans that go anything but to plan!

The week starts on a high note with Debbie Webster putting the finishing touches to the House of Horrors attraction behind the street.

But when the drayman drops barrels of beer by the beer tent, the residents are too busy excitedly choosing their Halloween costumes to notice that as each barrel lands, a tiny amount of earth dislodges itself into the Platts’ sinkhole.

Abi packs a gun into her bag after watching an instagram video of Corey packing for Germany, and as Nina discovers what she is planning, Abi is shocked to find police outside Corey’s house. Having got her hands on a gun, Abi wants revenge and is determined to make Corey Brent pay for murdering her son Seb.

Despite her own feelings towards Corey, Nina Lucas is desperate to stop Abi. But with the storm raging will she get there in time?

Abi goes in search of Corey but with everyone in Halloween masks it proves tricky and eventually she confronts him. As he goads her, she prepares to pull the trigger when the ground gives way beneath them.

Finding themselves trapped in a Victorian sewer, Abi and Corey are unaware that the gun lies midway between them on the ground.

After deliberately injuring himself in prison, Harvey demands to go to hospital and as the prison van heads out on a country lane, Harvey has another destination, and vengeance, in mind.

As Dev, Aadi and Asha set off for their trip, the storm gets worse and they get lost on that same country road with their way blocked by a fallen tree.

In the prison van, the guard pulls a knife and as the van swerves into the Alahan’s stationary car, Harvey pulls himself out of the van into the torrential rain and prepares to escape.

When Kevin arrives at the crash site, he is attacked by Harvey who steals the pick up truck.

As smoke seeps into the car, Dev is forced to make the heartbreaking decision of which of his kids he drags from the wreck of his burning car.

Believing Asha to be in more danger he goes to her aid and drags her away from the car just before it explodes.

When the emergency services arrive at the crash site, are they in time to save Aadi?

Alone in the bistro Leanne, dressed as Morticia, finds herself face-to-face with her worst nightmare as Harvey makes a dramatic return to the street.

After trapping Leanne in the Bistro, he gags her as she tries to escape, binding her hands together with gaffer tape. Can she escape?

Intent on murder, Harvey gives chase as Leanne tries to escape, but suddenly the ground opens up. Have Leanne and Harvey survived? Will Harvey live to carry out his revenge?

Over at the Rovers, Jenny Connor is enjoying a new relationship with toyboy, Leo, but is stunned to learn that her ex-hubby Johnny has plans to leave Weatherfield after telling Carla he is going to Bali to be with Kate.

Keen to speak to Johnny, Jenny, distracted by her worries about Leo’s safety, searches for him in the pouring rain as the ground literally opens up beneath her! Determined to save her, Johnny edges ever near the giant sinkhole.

Later, in the beer tent, Jenny tells Johnny that she hopes he isn’t leaving because of her.

At the House of Horrors, the music suddenly cuts out as a panicked Ryan peers out of the tent through the rain, he and Debbie realise the generator has gone and there is a hole in the ground where it one stood.

Ryan shows Leo the hole where the generator was and tells David and Shona that he suspects it’s linked to the sinkhole in their garden, and they need to evacuate the area.

In the beer tent, Ryan calls everyone to attention and announces that they need to leave as a furious Debbie assures everyone that there’s nothing to worry about.

Shona watches in horror as Jenny searches for Johnny only to be swallowed up by the ground. Ignoring Shona’s words of warning, Johnny edges himself into the sinkhole, determined to rescue Jenny.

In the sewer, Johnny hears Jenny’s cries for help and battles his way through the water towards her. As the water continues to rise, Johnny assures Jenny that it’s only a matter of time before someone rescues them.

As the storm intensifies the residents find themselves in the middle of a real-life horror story with Abi, Corey, Jenny and Johnny trapped in rising water underground in the Victorian sewers.

With the water rising around them, Abi and Corey have a face-off. But who has the gun? And what will Roy find when he peers down into the hole? With a deluge of water threatening to sweep Abi and Corey away in the sewer, can Roy save the day?

And when the police later have some questions for Roy, will he tell the truth about what he saw?

As the water below continues to rise, Johnny and Jenny scream for help clinging to the ladder.

On the street, David and Shona help Leo prise open the manhole cover outside the factory. To David’s horror, Shona takes matters into her own hands, grabbing a rope and disappearing down the manhole in search of Johnny and Jenny. Will any of them get out alive?

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dev waits for news as he sits by Aadi’s bedside, willing him to wake up, struggling with his guilt over the accident. And Kevin is shocked to hear what has happened to Abi.

And when Nick makes a shocking discovery at the flat. What has he found?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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