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Trish encourages Maxine to leave Hollyoaks for good

Will Warren leave prison in time to stop her?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 6th December to Friday 17th December

As he struggles with being away from his family, Warren confides in Maxine when she comes to visit him. But things go from bad to worse as she is forced to tell Warren about a new development in the investigation into Timmy’s murder.

Later, Maxine turns to Sienna for help with proving Warren’s innocence, needing someone who can scheme. And later tries to convince Sienna and Joel to help prove Warren’s innocence.

As they meet up with Fergus' former employee Katja, hoping that she will help prove that Fergus was the one to blame for Timmy’s murder, and clear Warren's name.

When Katja wants nothing to do with Warren's case, Maxine tries guilt-tripping her into stopping an innocent man from being sent down.

Getting restless, Warren makes a rash decision and as a result, is sent to talk to a psychiatrist. As Warren talks to Honour, she’s confident that he wants help, even if he’s denying it.

As he starts opening up to her, whilst going on a tirade, Warren lets slip a shocking confession that could land him in heaps of trouble. Having seemingly found an ally in Honour, she agrees to keep quiet about his mishap so that he can still be released from prison.

Later, Maxine decides to attend Fergus’ funeral so that Trish can get some closure. But with so many of Fergus’ victims in the village, they face some backlash. And Warren makes some drastic decisions.

Encouraged by Trish to leave Hollyoaks behind, Maxine heads for the airport. Will Warren stop her before she takes flight? Or will he convince himself that their relationship isn’t worth saving?

Whilst Trish plans to undo some of Fergus’ dirty dealings, a confession from Sienna means that Warren has a choice to make and he builds bridges between him and an old friend.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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