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Tyrone apologises to Alina in Corrie for accidentally bringing up her past

But after trusting him to look after the shop, Fiz is shocked by what she finds!

After Fiz tells Tyrone off for throwing Alina out at such short notice, Alina calls at the garage, downbeat, to return her key to Tyrone.

When she explains how she was turned down for a job this morning, Tyrone suggests she should take up beauty therapy again. Only Alina isn't keen and Tyrone wonders if he’s said the wrong thing.

Tyrone is mortified when Fiz explains how Alina found herself at the mercy of people traffickers the last time she worked in a beauty parlour and apologises to Alina for being insensitive.

Suggesting that she could run her own business, Alina is touched as Tyrone offers to help her look for a suitable college course.

Fiz asks Tyrone to look after the furniture shop whilst she goes to Hope’s school assessment, but when Alina invites him for a coffee to discuss the business course she has enrolled on he leaves the shop unattended.

When he returns, he finds a guy called Leon helping himself to furniture - who assures him it was arranged with Fiz. But when Fiz returns from Hope's assessment, she's shocked to find the shop half empty!

And whilst Tyrone is horrified to realise he’s been duped, Fiz dreads how Gary’s going to take the news.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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