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Tyrone catches Isla's eye in Corrie

But who is the newcomer, played by Gemma Oaten?

When Hope reveals she has to build a model of the solar system for her science project and Phill’s offered help, Tyrone insists he’ll be the one to help her.

Tyrone is begrudgingly grateful when Phill calls at the garage to hand over the kit to build a solar system model. Using Phill’s materials, Tyrone builds a fantastic model of the solar system and as Fiz and Phill admire the model solar system, Tyrone masks his guilt.

Calling at No.9, Tyrone arrives just as Phill returns from the school run with Hope and Ruby. Fiz is annoyed when Phill reveals that Ruby’s been invited to a party, but Hope’s not welcome, but Tyrone assures him it’s not his fault.

At the kids’ party, Tyrone makes it clear to Penny that he’s not impressed by her attitude towards Hope.

Approaching Tyrone and Phill, Isla is impressed at the way Tyrone put Penny in her place and suggests they all go for a milkshake together.

Whilst Hope and Isla’s daughter, Darcy giggle over their milkshakes, Isla flirts with Tyrone and suggests they meet for a drink sometime.

Fiz is annoyed when Tyrone reveals that he’s agreed to a date with Isla.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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