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Tyrone collapses before committing to a healthier future in Corrie

But will his new healthy regime be supported by Fiz and Evelyn?

After returning from visiting Gary, Fiz breaks the news to Tyrone and Evelyn that Gary’s fuming and insists they find the £600 they’ve cost him in stolen stock.

As they continue to row over the stolen furniture, Tyrone suddenly grips his chest in agony and slumps to the floor. Fiz screams at Evelyn to call an ambulance.

At A&E, a worried Fiz and Evelyn wait for news of Tyrone and Fiz is awash with relief when a sheepish Tyrone emerges and reveals that it was nothing more than heartburn, Evelyn meanwhile, can't believe they've had a wasted trip.

Later, as Fiz and Evelyn discuss his new healthy regime, Tyrone tries to feign enthusiasm.

Having bought himself a yoga mat, Tyrone tells Fiz that he’s booked some lessons in a bid to improve his health. However, instead of offering him her support, Fiz rails at him for wasting money.

Later, Fiz and Evelyn rib Tyrone as he sets off for his first yoga lesson.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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