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Tyrone loses Alina after admitting his feelings for Fiz in Corrie

But will Fiz take him back?

Struggling to muster up any interest in Alina’s Romanian wedding plans, Tyrone finds Fiz crying over a petition to have Hope removed from school. Hearing what's happened, Phill calls on Fiz and suggests a bite to eat.

When Evelyn reveals to Tyrone that Phill has taken Fiz to the bistro, his jealousy is evident. Unable to help himself, Tyrone follows them and when Phill goes to the loo, Tyrone blurts out to Fiz how much he misses her and the girls. How will Fiz react?

Revealing how much he enjoyed their kiss, Fiz listens with disbelief as Tyrone tells her how his engagement to Alina was an accident. But will she take him back?

Telling Alina that Fiz is thinking of moving away with the girls, Tyrone tells her that he can't possibly go to Romania with her, leaving Alina hurt.

In the factory, Michael advises Alina to cut Tyrone some slack as his kids will always come first and Alina tells Tyrone she’s cancelled their trip, accepting that his girls come first.

Meanwhile, Tyrone masks his guilt and Fiz calls him to say that Hope refuses to go to school. When Alina asserts that once they’re married as she’ll be a firm but fair step mum, Tyrone can’t look Fiz in the eye.

After telling Alina she hates her for stealing her daddy, a contrite Hope pulls the damaged teddy from her bag, admitting she stole it and she’s sorry about the fire. But when Hope reveals she’s sorry for all the other fires she started too, Alina’s horrified to realise this wasn’t the first time.

Back at home, Alina rails at Tyrone for keeping secrets. Battling his guilt, Tyrone admits he wants to get back with Fiz. Heartbroken, Alina confides in Emma that Tyrone wants to be Fiz.

Meanwhile, Fiz tells Phill about the kiss, but also that it only made her realise she no longer has feelings for Tyrone, leaving Phill breathing a sigh of relief.

As Alina dumps their couples shot at the garage with the word ‘liar’ scrawled across Tyrone’s forehead, she ensures a very public humiliation before climbing in a taxi to leave.

As Fiz and Phill head to the bistro, can a desolate Tyrone convince Alina to stay? Having found out that Alina is yet to fly, Tyrone races off to find her.

Having tracked her to a hotel, he implores her to reconsider. When Alina makes out it’s over between them, will Tyrone accept this?

After Phill drops his car off at the garage, a jealous Tyrone searches the car, hoping to find something to discredit him. When he discovers a napkin with a woman’s name and number scrawled on it, he pockets it.

When Tyrone arrives for babysitting duty, Phill arrives for a glammed up Fiz, and Tyrone's jealousy comes to the fore as he reveals he saw the napkin and knows about Brigitte. But has he jumped to conclusions?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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