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Tyrone orders Nick to keep Sam away from Hope in Corrie

How will Nick react when Fiz tells him what Sam has been up to?

When Tyrone shows her the first extract from the John Stape book in the Gazette, Fiz's heart sinks and she quickly hides the paper from Hope. And Fiz suggests to Tyrone that they call the journalist who worked on the book with Phill and set up a meeting with him. But is the culprit closer to home?

The next day, Fiz and Tyrone are horrified when they read the second instalment of the book in the Gazette. As they meet up with Adam to discuss a plan of action, they're interrupted by a call from Hope’s teacher to tell them Hope’s gone missing.

When Fiz finds her with Sam in Victoria Garden, Sam explains that Hope was upset about the nasty things her classmates were saying and Nick reveals that he’d appreciate it if Hope stayed away from Sam.

After Adam tells Fiz that he’s put a halt to any further articles in the Gazette and that it might not be possible to stop the publication of the book itself, Tyrone returns home to find Fiz in tears, telling him how Nick has banned Sam from seeing Hope.

Calling at Nick and Leanne’s flat, Tyrone punches Nick hard when he opens the door and Nick orders Sam to hand over his walkie talkie telling him he’s to have no further contact with Hope.

Later, Leanne calls at No.9 and tears a strip off Tyrone for punching Nick. Turning on Tyrone, Fiz points out that his irrational behaviour has cost Hope her friendship with Sam.

The next day in the school corridor, Sam tells Hope how Tyrone punched Nick and later, revealing that she knows all about Tyrone punching Nick, Hope makes the point that Sam’s not the golden boy he makes out to be.

Breaking the news to Nick, Fiz tells him that according to Hope, Sam’s still writing letters to Harvey and Nick tears a strip off Sam for lying to him.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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