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Tyrone secretly plans a Christmas Day wedding in Corrie after proposing to Fiz

And Hope holds a séance to contact her Dad.

When Hope returns to school following her suspension, things get awkward for Fiz and Tyrone when the school counsellor quizzes them about their family background.

Deciding it’s time he put a ring on it, Tyrone gets down on one knee and proposes. But as Fiz and Tyrone celebrate their engagement, they’re interrupted by the arrival of the journalist who wrote the John Stape book.

Apologising, he hands Fiz a bag and explains it contains all his research into John Stape and he wants her to have it so that it never falls into the wrong hands.

When Fiz asks Chesney to hide the bag of John Stape things at their house, Gemma stuffs the bag in a cupboard.

Meanwhile, Hope suggests to Joseph and Sam they hold a séance to contact her Dad and as the séance takes place, Joseph reaches into a cupboard for some biscuits and the jiffy bag falls out. As the contents of the bag spill out, Hope, Joseph and Sam stare at the photos of John Stape, completely freaked out.

When Fiz and Tyrone present Hope with a new laptop for her birthday, she has other things on her mind and asks about an old cassette player. Discovering one in her pass the parcel at her party, Hope rushes home where she listens to the tape of John Stape.

And Tyrone secretly forms a plan after Fiz admits she dreads all the planning for their wedding and wishes they could just skip straight to the day. Confiding in Chesney, Tyrone tells him that he's moved their wedding to Christmas Day as a surprise for Fiz.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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