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VERDICT REACHED in Corrie as Toyah takes to the stand

After coming clean to Leanne and Spider, will Toyah be found guilty of killing Imran?

After Abi offers her Alfie for a couple of hours ahead of her trial, an emotional Toyah cries over Alfie’s pram, telling him how sorry she is for taking his Daddy away.

Back home, Leanne walks in to hear Toyah confessing to Spider that she lied to the police, crashed the car on purpose and intended to kill Imran! As both Spider and Leanne reel, what will they do with Toyah’s confession?

As they head to court, Toyah’s a bag of nerves and Leanne begs her not to say something she’ll regret. She should let her solicitor do the talking.

As the prosecution barrister paints her as a murderer, Adam and Kelly are called as witnesses and Saira tells the court how she saw Toyah kissing Spider and suspects she was having an affair behind Imran’s back and killed him on purpose.

When Leanne does her best to defend her sister, Toyah listens and awash with guilt, decides she has to take the stand!

In the court, the jury delivers their verdict and Spider announces he intends to stick around and meets up with DS Swain to discuss his job.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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