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Verity makes big plans as she settles in Hollyoaks

But will she let Sami in on her and James' new business?

Tony and Diane’s alone time is interrupted by the arrival of Verity who hasn’t heard about her father’s departure.

When Tony invites her to stay with them, she makes it clear that it won't be for a short time, she's here to stay. But as Tony pops more of the pills Edward tampered with, can Verity convince them that her father does have a good heart.

After offering to go into partnership with James on a new law firm, Sami wants in after she turns down his offer of a drink. Before she can decide if he can be a third partner or not, she sets him the challenge of finding the perfect epi-centric premises for the new venture.

With her sights set on Donovan's salon, Verity makes Grace an offer, but it's up to Courtney to make the final decision. But will she hand over the keys?

Meanwhile, Diane is concerned that Tony is taking on too much, but he assures her that he's just glad to be happy again. Secretly, Tony is concerned about the new pills he's been taking and decides to stop taking them.

When Diane finds out, she's concerned and urges him to tell her if he has any side effects.


Hollyoaks continues Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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