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Vi decides to stick around in EastEnders as she tries to match Stuart up with Honey!

Will she ever accept Rainie?

After Vi criticises Rainie’s co-parenting set up, Stuart wants to tell his nan about their surrogacy plans. But Rainie refuses. As Vi’s constant digs at Rainie continue, she pleads with Stuart to get her out.

Later at The Vic, Vi tells Stuart she knows Rainie isn’t her biggest fan and she’s surprised to learn of her chequered past. But before Stuart can ask her to move out, Vi spots Honey and gets an idea.

As she interrogates a surprised Honey, Vi hopes she'll be able to help her. When Stuart realises she is trying to set him up with Honey, he’s appalled. And when Honey mention Jay, Vi swiftly insults them before Stuart can usher her out.

At The Vic, Stuart is upset at his nan’s actions and admits Bernie is going to be their surrogate. As Rainie arrives, Vi changes her tune. She’s going to stick around and wants to get to know her better.

With Rainie quietly seething and suspicious of Vi's sudden nice act, Stuart admits she knows about Bernie. Later, they spot Bernie struggling on a jog and later Bernie feels the pressure when her mum insists she eats a fry up.

As Stuart worries about his appointment with the fertility clinic, Rainie sees another potential surrogate. And concerned about Bernie's dieting, Karen suggests they go to a group together and Tiffany offers to join for support.

When Vi manages to ruin both Stuart’s and Rainie’s important plans, Rainie is left fuming and is caught off guard when, after telling her to go back home, Vi lets her in on a secret.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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