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Victor bonds with his children in Neighbours

But will his meddling backfire?


In the wake of Byron's confrontation, the Stone family get some distance from one another whilst Jane offers to mediate between Byron and Victor.

When Byron admits that he’s struggling to process Victor’s diagnosis and the conflicting feelings he has about his father, with Jane’s support, he's able to open up and embrace his father.

Pleased, Victor outlines his plan to secure a financial legacy for his children and though Byron and Nicolette struggle to accept his generosity, Jane can’t help but be affected by the positive changes in her ex-husband. And both she and Victor are left a little wisful over what could have been between them.

Determined to make up for lost time, Vic recreates a long ago promised game of mini-golf for Nicolette and Byron. Reminded of how competetive Nicolette is, both Victor and Byron attempt to throw the game, badly.

When Nicolette discovers their plan, all bets are off and Victor is heartened as his relationship with his children solidifies and they agree to think seriously about his business opportunity.

On a high after spending quality time with his kids, Vic takes it upon himself to delve deeper into their personal lives. After discovering Nicolette has spent the night with Amira, Vic sees how invested she is and encourages Amira to seize the day with Nicolette.

Likewise, when Vic draws an admission from Byron about his relationship with Sadie, he tells Wendy that Byron can see marriage and babies with Sadie in the near future. After learning what their father has done, both Byron and Nicolette are mortified and confront him, telling him to back off.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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