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Victoria discovers Wendy and Liam's affair in Emmerdale

Will Wendy call a halt to their affair in order for Victoria to keep schtum?

In the cafe, chemistry sizzles between Wendy and Liam as he's on his laptop and she does her best to hide her enthusiasm as she orders from Rodney. And when an enthusiastic Lydia muscles in having got wind that Liam is writing a novel, a jealous Wendy heads off.

Later, as Lydia continues to pitch Liam a narrative twist for his novel, her tale cuts rather too close to home to an arriving Wendy who is jealous to see Lydia giving Liam writing advice and breaks up the little party.

The following day, Bob presents Wendy with a gift whilst Bernice and Bob fight their attraction as they try to keep their relationship professional.

Later, as the three discuss a barbeque idea for the B&B over lunch, Wendy is distracted by Liam and his latest writing.

When he surreptitiously but deliberately leaves some pages behind, Wendy is quick to swipe them. Bait taken!

The next day, Liam is pleased to have Wendy back on board as his story editor but is surprised when she also wants to rekindle the affair.

Meanwhile, Victoria picks up on the banter between Bob and Bernice and is suspicious something is going on between them and casts her aspersions, leaving Bob panicked. Bernice is furious to overhear Bob, grasping for an excuse, telling Victoria how Bernice is still in love with Liam.

Before long, Victoria calls around to tell Liam that Bernice still has a massive crush on him, but his dishevelled look and Wendy’s handbag on the sofa raise her suspicions. When Victoria tells Wendy that she knows about her affair, Wendy implores her to keep it a secret.

Will Victoria keep schtum and can Wendy call a halt to their affair at the behest of Victoria?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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