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Vinny GIVES UP on his marriage to Liv Emmerdale

But Sandra hasn't stopped ruining her daughter's life yet.

Vinny’s stunned to see a ‘FOR SALE’ sign outside Mill Cottage, just as Liv and Sandra arrive back unexpectedly from their holiday.

With Vinny upset about Liv’s decision to sell the house without him, Sandra is happy knowing that her plan to cause trouble is working. As their bickering intensifies, Sandra smiles as the wedge she’s building between them grows.

The next day, during a clandestine meeting outside the village, Terry and Sandra’s scheme picks up momentum and Vinny is shocked when Mandy insists it is actually Sandra who is responsible for his fallout with Liv. And Mandy comes up with a plan for revenge.

Later, Vinny apologises for his behaviour and Liv’s chuffed with his change of heart as they agree to all move to Spain together.

Before long, Mandy recruits Jimmy into the plan to take down Sandra. Keen to get started, Jimmy feigns interest in buying the house. Listening in, Vinny and Mandy record Sandra's response, hoping that they'll catch her slipping up.

When Liv discovers Mandy and Vinny were trying to set her mother up she is furious and kicks Vinny out. And Mandy is left heartbroken for her son after he rules out fighting for his marriage.

As Sandra comforts her daughter, Liv later faces temptation when Sandra makes a show of how difficult it is to stay off alcohol. Once back home, Sandra feigns upset but is secretly thrilled to see Liv has fallen off the wagon.

Before long, Liv is drunk and lets slip about her ever-growing savings account. With her eye on robbing her account, Sandra plies her daughter with more alcohol. When Liv falls asleep, Sandra sets about accessing Liv’s online bank account, ready to clear it.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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