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Vinny is determined to find out the truth after Nish is arrested for ABH in EastEnders

Is he about to uncover the truth about Eve and Suki?

Searching for answers about Suki's accident, a distraught Vinny becomes convinced that it was an attempt to take her life and Nish is horrified by his assumptions.

As Nish tries to shut them down, Eve's fears for Suki's welfare fuel Vinny's theory and at the hospital, Eve and Suki worry whether Ravi realises she planned to leave Nish. And when doctors discharge Suki, Eve is convinced she isn't safe if sent home.

Meanwhile, after overhearing Eve worrying about Suki's safety, Mitch fears that Suki is a victim of domestic violence, like Chantelle.

When Mitch offers to get some food for Suki, Nish declines and says they don’t want any visitors.

At No.41, Vinny tries to get Suki to open up about her feelings, but Nish stops the conversation and a frustrated Vinny gives Eve his keys, hoping she can get through to Suki.

When alone, Eve tells Suki there's only one way out of this and she must report Nish for pushing her down the stairs.

The following day, Nish is angry about being the subject of so much gossip as Vinny and Mitch separately continue to fear for Suki's welfare.

When Vinny voices his fears to Ravi, Nish is stunned to hear that Suki was leaving and later tells her that he's scared she did this to herself. Leaving Suki incredulous that Nish thought she'd try to hurt herself.

Later, Suki calls Eve and tells her that she's made a decision. What will she decide to do?

When DS Miles and Callum arrive to speak to Suki and question whether Nish has ever been violent, Nish is rattled and after a tense chat, is taken in for questioning. After presenting some evidence that lends to their theory that he pushed Suki, Nish is arrested for ABH.

The following day, Nish remains in custody and Vinny panics when Ravi gets cross with Suki who is convinced that Eve called the police. But when Eve insists she's innocent, things spiral out of all control when Vinny arrives home full of fury after Ravi reveals his mum had a suitcase packed.

Convinced that Suki is plotting against Nish with Eve's help so she can leave him for another man, Vinny is determined to get to the truth and is stunned by what he learns.

Later, during a deeply emotional chat, Vinny issues Suki with an ultimatum.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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