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VINNY IS JEALOUS of Dotty's friendship with Finlay in EastEnders

Will Dotty come clean to him about sleeping with Finlay?

As Dotty and Finlay bond over their fathers, he invited her for a drink.

Spotting them leaving together, Vinny is gutted. Growing jealous of Finlay's friendship with Dotty, Vinny punches him.

Offering some reassuring words to Vinny, Ash tries to call Dotty, unaware that she and Finlay are sleeping together.

Dotty is immediately discovered as she begins the walk of shame, by Bernie who encourages her to be honest with Vinny.

As Dotty sits and contemplates, Rocky sees her and despite not knowing the situation, offers similar advice.

When Dotty eventually tells Vinny what happened, he's left devastated and as Finlay intervenes, he makes the situation worse and Vinny throws Dotty out of the house.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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