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Vinny picks up Paul's gambling habit in Emmerdale

As Mandy threatens Mack with the truth.

As Vinny feels guilty about moving back in with Liv, Mandy starts to sort through Paul’s possessions. But when she seeks a bailout from newly flush Charity for Paul's funeral, Charity plays hardball and instead offers to buy the salon from her.

When Lydia and Sam head off to the bank, to try and prove that Lydia’s credit card debts were incurred fraudulently by Paul, things don't go well.

As Mandy, Lydia and Sam all head to The Woolpack to brainstorm ways to pay off the credit card debt, Vinny studies a notebook he found amongst Paul’s things.

When Liv turns up at the Dingles’, Vinny tells her that the notebook is a comprehensive account of Paul’s winnings and losses. It also contains inside info on future tips. Thinking she's persuaded Vinny to turn the page on Paul, the moment Liv leaves, he logs into a gambling website.

Elsewhere, Nicola and an over-confident Mackenzie discuss a covert meeting they’re planning on having at Butlers, when they clock a suspicious Mandy listening in.

After Vinny guiltily places a secret bet, Mandy walks in on an enthralled Vinny watching the end of the race and worries that he'll end up like his dad, despite his bet being a winner this time.

But as a plan forms in her head to take the responsibility for their situation off Vinny’s shoulders, Mandy pays Mack a visit at Butlers and tells him she knows he's up to something and threatens to blow the whistle unless he cuts her in.

Rattled, Mack realises that Mandy won't take no for an answer and they both meet with Kev, but Mandy's actions soon leave them both in grave danger.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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