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Vinny splits from Liv after she becomes suspicious of Paul in Emmerdale following attack

As Paul continues to terrorise Vinny, is Liv onto him?

Paul begins to panic when he hears from Aaron that Liv is already at the hospital and has called the police about the attack on Vinny.

At the hospital, Vinny’s on the verge of confessing all to the police until he sees Paul approaching and starts to clam up, leaving the police unable to proceed.

After Paul criticises her for calling the police, Liv starts to become suspicious of him and determined to stick up for Vinny, insists they do something, questioning Paul’s inaction. Aware of Paul’s rising anger towards her, Vinny tells her to leave, and Paul’s pleased to have driven a wedge between them.

The next day, under the influence of Paul, Vinny has discharged himself from hospital and when Liv arrives at the Dingles’, Vinny’s wary to be alone with her. As he tries to stick to Paul's story, Vinny panics when Liv mentions Connor.

Before Liv can probe any further, Paul returns and tells Vinny to get Liv off their backs, or else. Fearful for Liv’s safety, Vinny ends their relationship, leaving her shocked and heartbroken.

But her distress turns into determination to find Connor and discover what he knows.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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