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Warren is concerned when Mercedes wants in on his and Felix's dodgy dealings in Hollyoaks

Can he convince Bobby to phone his mum in order to save his business?

In order to raise money to pay for their rent, the McQueens throw a speakeasy. Determined to make it a success, Mercedes, Goldie and Felix poach punters from Jack at The Dog. But when Grace crashes, her harsh words cut a mournful Mercedes.

When Felix drops the L bomb on her, he's left wondering where he stands and Mercedes later admits to her family that she may have ruined things with Felix. After some wise words of wisdom from her family she sets out to win her man back. But is it too late?

Meanwhile, ‘retired’ gangster Felix offers to help Warren in some illegal business in order to earn some extra cash for Mercedes. Any doubts Felix may have about helping Warren are quickly squashed when he hears from Goldie that the McQueen's electricity has been cut off.

Hearing about the dodgy dealings that Felix and Warren are involved in, Mercedes decides she wants in on the deal.

When Norma seeks parenting advice from unlikely friend Misbah on how she can win her son back, she's reminded that Warren is a man of action and maybe words aren’t enough. Set on proving to Warren that she’s a changed woman, Norma offers to help Zain at the soup kitchen.

Later, having overheard his dad and Mercedes talking in the garage, DeMarcus fears that they are involved in something illegal. Wanting to put his son's mind at rest, Felix makes him a promise. But is it one he can keep?

With Mercedes longing to gain back a relationship with her son, Warren is concerned that this will cause him problems in the business. But when his best friend refuses to take control of the situation, will he take matters into his own hands?

Meanwhile, over at a secure children’s home, Bobby receives the news he’ll be receiving a visit and when Warren visits, he hopes he can convince him to call his mum and save the business. Will Bobby be easily persuaded?

Later, Warren is left with a surprise visit himself when Norma turns up offering to share a secret that could tip his world upside down.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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