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Warren raises suspicions as he keeps his distance from Freddie and Mercedes in Hollyoaks

What is he really up to? And will Ethan reveal all?


When Norma talks to Leela about her experience of bereavement, they discuss finding out more about whether they lost Noah through further medical tests.

Later at home, Joel is angry at Norma for bringing it up and at the Lomax's, Ste and Leela talk but it isn’t easy to work through their mutual problems.

Elsewhere, Ste covers for James when Leah questions why he has a bandage on his hand and Warren questions why Ste is still in Hollyoaks village and not away moving drugs.

After pressure from Peri, Ste visits Leela and at the Lomax's, Peri urges Ste to sort himself out. But as his anxiety about his court date looms, a spiralling Ste doesn’t get on much better with Leah and when Warren tells Ste the deal is on, he then has to let Leah down on their trip out together.

Later, Freddie tells Mercedes that they need to raise their game to get Grace out of prison but she is also worried about Hunter’s funeral. After Leela's devastating loss, Mercedes is feeling anxious following her own experience with losing her son Gabriel.

When Warren takes Mercedes for a check-up on the twins, a scan finds two healthy heartbeats and he urges her to focus on the future. As she plays at being drawn to him, Warren keeps a distance and both she and Freddie are suspicious as to what he is up to.

When Ethan refuses to spill to Freddie what Warren is up to, Mercedes despairs and after more threats, Ethan reveals the name of the mission is Project Katie and the pair break into Warren’s van. What will they find?

The day before their wedding, Freddie heads to prison and agrees to stick to the plan.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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